Saturday, April 30, 2016

DormLife: What it's like, so far

I've been living on-campus for nearly 3 months now. So, I reckon I should write a post on what living in a dorm (on-campus) is like for me. But before that, I just wanna point out that my experience living in a dorm would probably differ from others'. The dormitory I'm living in only has single bedrooms. That means all tenants still have a little privacy. We do need to share bathrooms, laundry rooms and a kitchen though.

Here's what dorm life is like for me:

Distance to class
There is a short distance from my dorm to class, approximately 15 minutes' walk (I timed myself). The close proximity to class is definitely the main perk of living on-campus for me. Also, another perk is that I'm more 'in-touch' with the going-ons on campus. When you're living on-campus, you just can't help but notice all the flyers pasted at notice boards or different stalls set up on the lawn. This is something I personally wouldn't pay attention to if I didn't live on-campus.

Sharing Bathrooms
When I arrived here, I expected that I'd need to wait a long line before I could take a shower. Thank goodness that wasn't the case at all. On average, a bathroom is shared among a maximum of three persons in my dorm. So far, I haven't even needed to wait to get into the shower. Also, the bathrooms being cleaned on a regular basis added to my satisfaction. But a downside to sharing bathrooms is the awkward moment(s) when it became the only place you meet people. It seems like most of my neighbours meet me only when I look the least presentable. It seems as if they thought the perfect time to carry on a conversation with me was when I'm brushing my teeth. I had to then awkwardly attempt to talk with a mouth full of toothpaste if I didn't think it'd be a long conversation...

Technically, having a room of your own means that you have some privacy. But, since the walls are quite thin, sound can travel through them. That means that I could hear snippets of the conversation my neighbour is having on the phone even from my room. And if I were to stand in the hallway, the sound could be clearly heard. Since being aware of that, I have to be conscious not to talk too loud when I'm on the phone.

The other thing is that since my room is close to the stairs, I could hear the sound of footsteps going up and down the stairs. This doesn't bother me, as long as it doesn't wake me up after midnight.... and that has happened before.

There were also a few occasions where I'd been woken up by noise from other tenants. So yeah, this is a big downside to living in a dorm.

There are 22 students living on my floor. And there is only a small kitchen for us. Also, the refrigerator's door could not be shut properly at the moment because it's just too packed. Personally, I don't really think that storing my food in that fridge is a particularly hygienic option. Another thing is the constant mess in the kitchen. That's a pretty big downside for me.

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