Monday, April 13, 2015


"You have lipstick on your teeth."

Well, that was certainly an interesting way to be greeted with when I joined my friends for dinner last night.  Nevertheless, I'm grateful that someone cared to inform me about it.

I had expected the dinner to be an awkward affair and that I would  have to eat in awkward silence, trying to come up with a conversation topic.

Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed myself. Sure, there were a few awkward moments but hey, if Grace is just being Grace, awkwardness is inevitable. Well, at least it was kept at a minimum.

Last night was just a night when 6 friends come together for a meal to catch up with each other.

As I watched the five familiar faces sitting at the table, chatting and laughing at some joke, it suddenly dawned on me that it has been two years since we've graduated from secondary school. Two years since we've parted ways. And yet, at that moment, everything felt like the way it was two years ago.

The dinner last night managed to put a smile on my face. Maybe having a tinge of nostalgia isn't so bad after all.

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