Friday, January 30, 2015


Guess what came in my mail this week? 

Aren't the covers just beautiful?

Uh-huh, I finally have my own collection of the Ruby Red Trilogy. And I got a free bookmark! I'm sure that's not a big deal (since my wallet is now considerably lighter) but I'm just glad that the books are now in my possession.

In September 2014, I posted a series review on the Ruby Red Trilogy (you can check out that review here). Since then, I have searched all of my local bookstores for the hardcover copies of this trilogy. And all I could find is the paperback copies with the hideous covers that just would not do for me. 

In December 2014, I finally caved and decided to buy those three books online via Book Depository as a late Christmas present for myself. 

I'm just so psyched to have them on my bookshelf and I can't wait to reread them. By the way, I may or may not be gazing at said books as I'm writing this post. 

So, if you're still reading this post, you'd probably get that I just wrote it as an excuse to show off my books. Anyway, that's all from me now. Have a lovely weekend!

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