Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Guardian of The Books

I don't know if any one of you have ever felt tempted to talk to a stranger you meet at a bookstore. Especially when a book that you've enjoyed reading is sitting on the shelf under the stranger's nose and yet they didn't even notice it!

Well, I have. I'd like to see myself as a book... angel? Okay, 'angel' is so not me. I'm like a book guardian. The guardian of the books, making sure that books that I like are not ignored by strangers in a bookshop. I like the sound of that. Anyway, I digress.

Unfortunately, this book guardian here doesn't seem to be doing her job well. For starters, it usually took me ages to rid all nagging thoughts that I might come across as an annoying creep or that he/she might not like the book I'm about to recommend to them.  By the time I finally decide to walk up to the stranger, he/she would've walked off to the next book aisle.

The one time I do get to recommend a book and spend a couple of minutes trying to convince that stranger to read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, I made a mistake of comparing Eleanor & Park to Fangirl, which I loved more... I guess the stranger wasn't impressed by my persuasion skills since she pretty much put the book back on the shelf and moved few steps away from me. When I saw her at another book aisle, she quickly moved away. I was quite bothered. I mean, are you trying to avoid me lest I recommend you another book??? I'm sorry, Rainbow Rowell. I tried.

Last Sunday, during another trip to a local bookstore, a little boy approached me, holding a book brochure in his hands, and asked if a certain book- a children's book on Batman, is available. I can't even begin to describe how pleasantly surprised I was. There's a small part of me that has always hoped that somebody would ask for my help in a bookstore or even recommend me a book. And so, there I was, the guardian of the books, with a sole purpose in her mind: I need to find this boy his book. I asked around the staff and finally found his book.

He gave it a look and remarked that it's just filled with stickers. SO, it turns out that the book is just a sticker book, I think. When he decided against buying it, I returned his brochure and left the scene towards the YA book aisle. Awkward!

It was only when I returned to the YA book aisle that I realised I was wearing red- the colour of the staff's uniform. The little boy might have mistook me for a staff member instead of a young adult who looks like she knows a thing or two about Batman, which by the way, I don't....  Oh well, I suppose this guardian of the books needs to take a short break from all the action for a while.

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