Monday, June 30, 2014


I was in my PJs, my hair was a mess and I was sitting in front of the tele, watching reruns of the TV series- Star-Crossed, which unfortunately did not get renewed for a new season. Just when I thought that Roman was going to kiss Emery, my phone rang.
The caller turns out to be one of my former classmates. Imagine my surprise and panic when she told me that she was on her way to pick me up for a quick hang out with some friends and that she would reach my house in 5 minutes or so. 
That night turned out to be okay. As I sat  at the table, waiting for our food to arrive, I can't help but feel nostalgic about my years in secondary school and even primary school. Looking at the three faces as they chatted animatedly about recent events going on in their lives, I remembered the moments that we share when we were still in secondary school. And how everything just feels different somehow.
I think that I've never really appreciated those moments I share with my friends until I've graduated and finally the truth started sinking in- I may not get more of those moments, not with that particular group of friends anyway. Sure, I'll be making new memories with new people. But I don't think they'll be the same.
Right after that hang out, I just couldn't kick that sense of nostalgia out of my system. Okay, this may sound weird but since that impromptu hang out, I have started reading The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot. What does that have to do with me being nostalgic? Well, the thing is, when I was 14, I picked out the first book of that series from my school library and wrote a book review about it. I remember how my friends and I  would try to reach the school library first and snatch the newly stocked books off from the shelves. Well, I always lost since most of my book lovers friends were volunteering as librarians and they had access to those books before I even had the chance to even look at the cover of the books. I missed that about school.
So, I went through some of my old school stuff and found the booklet in which I wrote all my book reviews (FYI, all students are required to hand in that booklet to the teacher-in-charge at the end of each month). I read my review for Shadowland (that's book #1 in The Mediator series) and I laughed. Yes, I laughed at the younger me. How silly I had been (and probably still am though I hope that I'm much more mature now) that I even dared to put " since he was so hot and all, Suze feels uncomfortable to..." in my review which my teacher would read. Thank goodness I didn't mention my fictional crush on Jesse in that review but I guess anyone would have guessed about it after reading that sentence I wrote.
I enjoyed reading The Mediator Series then and I still do now even after all these years. However, for some reason I'd forgotten, I did not finish reading the series. Well, I take it as a perfect timing for me to relive part of my past through reading this series now.

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