Monday, May 12, 2014

My observation on 'passion' (in my High school teachers)

Have you ever sat in class and wondered if your teacher likes what he/ she is doing for a living?

Have you ever observed your high school teachers and wondered why on earth would she teach history when she CLEARLY is bored of the subject and you could barely see her eyes with her half-closed eyelids?

Well, I did that. Maybe you'd think that I'm weird and silly but that's fine with me.

I remember that I started to really, really observe my teachers during the final 2 years in high school. Based on my observation on my teachers, I came up with 3 categories that my teachers could be placed in when it comes to their passion for their job:


1. They are just as bored of a subject as we are.
2. They teach because they have a duty but are not really passionate about it.
3. They love what they're doing and also the subject that they're teaching.

From what I've observed, I think most of my teachers fell in Category #2. They do it because it's their job and yeah, maybe they're interested enough in teaching but I don't think that they are passionate about what they're doing.

There are only a few teachers of mine that fell in Category #1. With teachers that aren't even interested in the subject he/she is teaching, it is quite hard for me as a student to focus and listen to the teacher when he/she teaches ESPECIALLY when their voices are soft as if they're singing a lullaby. I decided one day to ask one of my teachers that fell in this category if teaching has always been her 'dream career' after class is over. It turns out that I was right about that teacher! Teaching wasn't her first choice. She'd originally wanted to do something else but because teaching seems more stable than her other choice at that time; she chose to become a teacher.

I could only think of one teacher that fits nicely into Category #3-My Biology Teacher.

All it takes for you is to sit through one of her classes and you’ll believe that she TRULY loves biology and enjoys teaching it. When she talks about biology, her face kinda glows (even when she’s not smiling, you know she enjoys teaching the subject) unless she’s angry at me and my classmates for being too loud.

You will also notice that even students who aren't interested in science would awake from their daydreams and listen when she talks about biology. I have come to a conclusion that PASSION IS INFECTIOUS.

There was one time during biology class when I told myself that I want to be like my Biology teacher. And no, I don't want to teach Biology in high school. But, I want to have passion in whatever career I choose to pursue just like the passion she has for her job. 

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