Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not-so-perfect world

Growing up, I lead a sheltered life. I used to think of the world as Disney perfect (I love all the classic Disney movies and thus, in my imagination, I like to pretend I'm in some Disney movie setting). Well, maybe not perfect, but fair and just and nice. As I mature into a young adult, I realize that this world is anything but perfect.

     Maybe it's just how my personality is but I don't like talking about my emotions openly. I hate it when I let people see me breaking down at my moment of weakness. I suppose I did a pretty good job concealing my feelings until someone asks me to talk about it.

     I've never felt that I've been prejudiced in my social circle. that is until I reached my teens. There was one inter-school debate competition I took part in few years ago and I have never felt so humiliated. There were some kids from a high school, who believe that their school has a better reputation than my school, felt that my team is not good enough and that we just don't deserve to win anything. I was mad that they had to go all the way and made their opinion of us known to the rest of the participants. It turns out the world is not such a perfect place after all...

     What would you do or maybe, what should you do when you can't voice out your opinion regarding a matter close to the heart? What if some person with influence got a fact so messed up that it angered you so, so much but you couldn't make that person see the light since that person is adamant that whatever is said is totally a fact? If you voice out your opinion to refute his, you might start a fight and may face some consequences. But if you don't, you may blame yourself for not sticking up for what you believe in. What would you do? I mean, since some people can be manipulative, will they even listen to your point of view without being biased with their own opinion?


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  1. I feel you, Grace. I don't like to show my weakest moment to the world either. It makes me feel like a weak person. I prefer to keep it to myself unless it has reached to a point where i cannot hold it anymore, i'll seek advice from my mother.