Saturday, August 17, 2013

A visit to the Caves

I went on a little road trip today around Bau, Sarawak with my family. To tell the truth, I kinda hoped that I'd get to hang around the beach so I got my sandals ready. But visiting the caves is nonetheless awesome though I'm not properly dressed to explore them in my sandals.

First Stop:  Fairy Cave
This is actually my first time visiting Fairy Cave... well, I guess it's better late than sorry :P

To get to the entrance of the Fairy Cave, I need to climb up these stairs. 

The entrance of Fairy Cave

Once I've reached the entrance, I realized that there's still a flight of VERY steep stairs left. The only part that I do not enjoy is climbing up and down the steep stairs inside the cave with little to no daylights to be seen... (not to mention that some parts of the stairs are slippery wet.) My legs became wobbly once I got inside.

Isn't it amazing? I took it from the inside of the cave... maybe the climb is worth it...

Next stop: Wind Cave

I didn't go inside the Wind Cave as my legs are still  quite wobbly so I just went to the small stream flowing outside it to rest my feet..

That's me checking out the waters underneath.

The water is cool and the stream is shallow enough from where I'm standing.

Ain't it pretty? I love the silhouette of the leaves~

I had great fun today and I think I have finally acknowledged the fact that I'm a LITTLE afraid of heights.. have to thank the steep stairs for that..

If you interested in the caves, you can come to Sarawak anytime... The caves, not to mention the stairs (to Fairy Cave) will be there, waiting to be explored.... 

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