Saturday, July 27, 2013

A visit to Kuching Food Festival and Logos Hope

This has been a busy week for me, with some assignments that needed to be submitted and new assignments the lecturers had given out. Nevertheless, I still managed to went to two local events. The first- the annual Kuching Food Festival and second- a visit to Logos Hope.

      Though personally, I don't exactly look forward to going to the Kuching Food Festival ( the reason being that it's crowded with people). This year, however, I enjoyed it more than I'd expected... I guess that observing the crowd is the main reason that I find it interesting. Observing people's actions and their expressions has always  been fun for me and with the crowds busy looking at food stalls, I'm positive that they didn't even notice me staring at them.

      Remember how I wish that there would be a book sale selling books for as low as RM 8? Well, that wish sort of came true for me, thanks to Logos Hope that is visiting Kuching. In fact, I just visited the ship this afternoon with my college mates. When I first step into the section in which all the books are placed, I was ecstatic, especially after I saw that there are fiction books selling at RM 8. This is actually my first time visiting Logos Hope as I didn't get to do so last year due to the exams. After I finished book-shopping, me and my college buddy went and got ourselves ice-cream just before we're getting outside the ship for a photo-taking session with all my college mates. Oh, by the way, today's weather is scorching hot so needless to say, my ice-cream began melting. Throughout the entire photography session, I kept licking my ice-cream. But still, at the end of the shoot, my left hand is covered with ice-cream....  Even with the whole ice-cream -melting situation, I had great fun today :)


Some Books that I bought that cost me a little over RM 50.
I consider it a bargain

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