Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haze + Heat wave = Moody Me

    Lately, Malaysia is hit by a heat wave and the unbearable haze. Just last Wednesday morning, I was having my driving lesson and I just could not focus! While driving that day, my mind was not on the road but had drifted off to an isolated island enjoying my smoothie and the breeze (and I'm not proud of it :P).

   To make matters worst, I did not enjoy reading "Duty Free" by Mohi Mohsin. I was quite disappointed as I'd expected it to be funny. The story is nothing like Bridget Jones's Diary as promised on the cover of Duty Free. Furthermore, there are just too many typos that I just could not enjoy the story. Without the typos, there's a high possibility that I'll like it a lil' bit more.

   2 weeks. I have survived college for 2 weeks. After having a mini meltdown, I guess I'm feeling okay now. Instead of having 10 persons in my class, there's another addition of 9 girls from out of town joining us last week. Thank goodness! Now, my class won't be too eerily quiet. It feels like I'm actually in a class, not some quarantine room (not that I've ever been in one, but I'm imagining things, thanks to the heat).

   Since the haze showed up, I've went through some stuff that made me laugh, cry , angry,..... and few days ago, shocked. Twilight, the movie was aired on TV few days ago... I thought, why not give Twilight a shot?

    I could not believe I actually sat through the whole movie without criticizing it like I'd expected I would. I. Actually. Enjoyed. It. I'm surprised that I like it, after making fun of all the Twilight fans out there ( No offense! I'm sorta a fan now). Even though I like the movie, I'm still not a fan of all the actors on the movie. No more obsession for me.

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