Friday, May 3, 2013

Decision making time

After I got my SPM results slip, the first question everyone asks me is how's my result, followed by what i want to do next. Form 6? A-level? Foundation studies?

   At that time, I thought that time was on my side, that I have plenty of time for me to decide... These few weeks have been nerve-wrecking though. Some of my friends decided to go for a diploma and have started their studies already while some went for foundation studies. Anyway, the form 6 list just got out and my name's on it, which means I'm not accepted for Matrikulasi. Secretly, I'm pleased as I'm not looking forward to leaving my hometown to study elsewhere (even though it'll still be in Malaysia). It's kinda stressful to watch as everyone seems to know what they want and has taken a step towards achieving their goals and dreams whereas I still don't know what I want. I need to know what my dream career is for me to choose which pre-u studies to go for. Hence, I bought 3 self-help books about how to choose a suitable career, how to survive college, learning more about oneself to choose the perfect career...

    If someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up, my answers will be as follows ( based on years):

In 2008: a novelist
In 2009: an astronomer
In 2010: a wedding planner
In 2011: a nutritionist
In 2012: a lawyer
In 2013 (Jan-March): a lawyer
In 2013 (April-???) : I don't know but it's definitely something related to sociology..

    When I told my friends that I don't dream of becoming a lawyer anymore, they practically disagree about my decision and think that I'm out of my mind... They reasoned that I'm suited for this kind of career based on my personality... However, I know that my personality is not the main reason why they think i should become a lawyer. It's because they know I love debating. I have to admit, the main reason I used to dream of becoming a lawyer is because I love to have a good debate ( though I'm never the best speaker in debate competitions). I thought that becoming a lawyer would allow me to do what I like full-time and make a living out of it.... By the way, I also met a girl in National Service who also wants to be a lawyer. In fact, she's currently doing her A-levels at a local university which offers a law degree.... okay, back to the topic- ... though my friends think that I should still work my way into becoming a lawyer, my family, relatives and even family friends who've known me ever since I was a baby think that law is not suitable for me... I;m just glad that at least there are people who support this decision of mine.....

     I took online personality tests and found out a little more about myself... even some personality traits that I would deny I have.. Maybe law isn't for me.. Coincidentally, I've read two novels- 'Something Borrowed' and ' The Undomestic Goddess' in which the main character works as a lawyer. Maybe the authors exaggerated life as a working lawyer a little... They have no personal time, rarely spent any time with their family, crazy workload, etc.... and I realised that this is not the life I want to have...

   Then, I came across the term 'sociology'... After googling it, I found sociology to be quite an interesting subject... So, I went to Youtube to watch a sociology lecture. Surprisingly, I didn't fall asleep halfway through it. :)  I'm taking that as a good sign as I remember that I once watched a law lecture on Youtube and found myself slowly drifting away after 3 minutes or so.. At first, I thought that maybe it's the lecturer's fault that I couldn't pay attention to it... but then scrolling down the page, I found comments like ' Oh my gosh! I wish my lecturer is as good as you' , ' awesome lecture, dude!' and more comments of this sort...

   I can't say for sure that I will, 100% be taking up a sociology degree in the future.. However, since I have decided on at least 1 thing, which is to go for form 6, I think I can still explore more about my likes and interests before I finally have to decide about which course to take in university

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  1. Same thing is happening to me too. My decision of becoming a doctor is shaking right now. Im not sure whether i should choose this as my future profession or not. I kept getting comments frm people i met, books, internet & movies saying that medic is a very tough course to study, which is the euphemism of only genious can take this course.However, that is not my greatest concern. To me, i think that as long as you have passion in the things you do, you will definitely can get thru it. What makes me to have doubt is that everything doesnt seems to come to my way. 1st, i was very confident that i can study matrix but i was not selected. 2nd, so far, i haven't get any news frm MARA yet but Jocelyn said that her roommate has already got the scholarship and she applied the same course as i did. I was quite dejected to hear that news actualy. But im ok right now. 3rd, everyone seems to have dim view that i could study this course namely Pn Poh, the holy cross counselor and my mom's friend whose son now is taking medic course.

    Now i feel like giving up. Anyway, I leave it to God and ask Him to decide for me though deep down my heart i still hope that i could get the scholarship (coz it is very tempting as i get to study in overseas.. haha..) or atleast let me work in the medical line next time.