Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Sale...

I went to a book sale yesterday... I had all my shopping strategy planned out on how to get the best deals out of this sale. When I got there, I sort of lost myself upon looking at all the fiction books laid right in front of me. Hence, forgetting all of the strategies. This sale works this way (for most fiction books) : buy 2, get 1 at 50 %.

   After making the purchase, I felt good, thinking that I got the best deal... As I was heading towards the elevator, I got a text from Puan ( My NS friend from Selangor) that read : Guess how much I paid for 'The Elite'? Upon receiving this text, I already knew that she got the better deal than me. I actually bought The Elite (by Kiera Cass) a few weeks ago for RM30 +.

    I bought it for RM 10 at a sale, she replied.

AARGHH! I think I would have screamed in frustration if I was not in that elevator with my family and some strangers.

   I told her about the sale I went to and how it works. She replied that it did not sound like a sale to her..
But still, at least I got all the books at a cheaper price,eh?

   Anyway, I'm still glad that I bought a collection of Jane Austen's classics and some other books. So, I guess it doesn't matter any more.


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