Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When will The Big Bad Wolf come?

I've come to know about The Big Bad Wolf books through a friend  I met in National Service (a.k.a. PLKN).

     During my time as a 'wirawati', I spent most of my free time reading books (since I only got my phone on the weekends-once every two weeks for my camp). I would borrow books from other book-lovers I met in camp.

    My friend-Puan ( that's her family name and most friends use it as her nickname) told me that she bought all her books ( in The Big Bad Wolf book sale )which usually cost RM 30++ in my local bookshops for prices as low as RM 8. After some online research, I found out that the book sale hosted by The Big Bad Wolf is only available in Peninsular Malaysia :(

     When will The Big Bad Wolf book sale ever come to the east? To Sarawak, to be exact...

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